Pomegranate Juice For Erections

Pomegranate Juice Erectile Dysfunction

If you are searching for natural foods to improve your sexual functions, you are not the first.

There is absolutely no shame in it either.

Finding the right ingredient, however, is key.

If you’re an average male looking for a little help with erections, you don’t necessarily need to try supplements right away.

Taking a natural supplement, like pomegranate juice, alone could do wonders for your body.

Pomegranate juice is largely talked about for its variety of benefits that include treating heart disease, prostate cancer, and so on.

Little known fact about this juice is that it can also help you get rock-hard erections.

It’s not just a hoax either. There’s actual science to prove this.

Clinical Studies

A study conducted with 42 men showed that regular intake of pomegranate juice does, in fact, improve erections.

Other research showed that pomegranate does this by improving heart function.

While this might sound odd, anything that’s good for the heart and blood circulation is also good for the penis, as it causes an increase in blood flow to the penis.

Recommended Dosage

Drinking the right amount is key.

You can drink about six ounces a day regularly and measure its effects.

But it’s important that you take two weeks off after regularly drinking this juice for a month.

This will give your body time to reboot and lower the risk of side effects.

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